Friday, October 21, 2011

"And try Me now in this"

This has been a hectic month. My hubby received a new job working as the youth pastor at the church I grew up in as a child, which in turn is allowing us to relocate to a new home. Yay! I love where we live now but very excited about the new place as well. We have been painting and cleaning at the new place for the past week. Today they are tearing out old carpet and next week putting in new stuff. Tomorrow we move all our little stuff over next weekend all the big stuff. Its kinda crazy around here.

Here is a few pics on what's been going on.
About a month ago, when it was still in the 80s, I took Charli to the Nature Center. They have put in a whole new kids area.

She got to build things

bang on things

get messy in a MASIVE sand box

And try to figure out how this shovel worked.

We went to the Buhler Frolic, Charli got to see her first parade, and I bought my hubby his first potato gun (regretting that one haha). It was a beautiful day out.

Since we are moving and it frosted, we went out and picked all our green tomatoes off our four plants to save and turn red. Here is a look at our bounty

And the weirdest one

I was reading Malachi 3 the other day and verse 10 has really been on my mind

" "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, 
That there may be food in My house, 
And try Me now in this," 
Says the Lord of hosts, 
"If I will not open for you the windows of 
And pour out for you such blessing 
That there will not be room enough to 
receive it. "

I think so many times I/we get stuck on blessings being money, to pay off bills, go buy nice stuff or whatever one does with it. Thats what society has conditioned us to believe, that money is everything. That day we were picking our tomatoes I had a laugh out loud moment, literally. This verse came to mind as I was filling up a third brown grocery bag of tomatoes. "there will not be room enough to receive it" Where are we suppose to put all these tomatoes while we wait for them to turn red?!?! What a blessing. I felt this was quite the literal example of this verse. As for now we are rotating them, inside, outside, warm spots, in the sun. Trying all the tricks recommended to us. We will be making alot of salsa, spaghetti/pizza sauce and diced tomatoes. I have to remind myself that the Lord's blessings come in so many different ways.

How has your fall been so far? 
It wont be long until Nov. 
Time is going to fast. 

Monday, September 26, 2011


I am debating on making Charli a Halloween costume or just buying one. My mother made our costumes every year and they were some of the coolest costumes ever! I wish I had some pics of them, but fortunately for you I don't (on hand). There are so many cute handmade ones out there to choose from, or get inspiration from.

owl costume

She could be

I do love this
Little Red Ridinghood costume

Ha ha this
Sack of Taters will definitely have to be for the next babe

With Spaghetti being my favorite food I might take 
This one into consideration
make my own variation of it :)

This is probably the cutest one I have seen but way way way out of my price range

Here is a picture of Charli last year at Halloween 

Im pretty sure she is the cutest bumble bee ever! Don't argue with me...

Which one is your favorite? What are you dressing your kids/dogs up as this year? or are you?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jonathan & Golden Delicious

Yesterday, I picked up our two bushel's of apples that we had ordered. I'm so excited. On my list next week I'll be canning apple sauce, apple butter, apple jam and spiced apples. Mmm, it'll be good. I might post some recipes if I remember. Last week we canned 10 quarts of pickled okra. I think we only have six jars left. They were pretty great. Just wanted to share my friday excitement with you. Its going to be a great weekend! I'll leave you with a short clip of Charli eating a whole apple. Peeled of course.

Isn't she adorable?

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Things

This wonderful song is stuck in my head

Perhaps stuck isn't the right word because that would imply I want to get it out of my head, 
which I don't.
I have locked this song in my head.
There it shall remain. 

Have a great Thursday!

*Edit: Just saw that it is Friday ha!
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So many tomatoes!

I have been checking my tomato plants twice a day in hopes that there will be some red ones soon.

No red ones yet. Just lots and lots of tomatoes. 

They are getting so big and beautiful. I can't wait much longer, the anticipation is killing me!

Charli has been loving to color after breakfast. It has been so fun to watch her just scribble away.

It has been so beautiful out this past week. We have been leaving all the windows wide open. We bought Charli some chalk and found some bubbles which are now played with on a daily basis. After she gets done drawing on the sidewalk she tries to draw on the grass, but then gets so frustrated because nothing will appear. Somehow she manages to draw on the tree. 

We bought a dozen baby chicks too! Our friends are keeping them with their chicks and taking care of them. But, we get to see them a couple times a week. Charli was able to pet one the other day. I'm not getting attached though, because we bought them to eat when they get fat enough. Yep, we are going to spend one of these beautiful Sat. butchering our chickens. We aren't bringing along Charli of course, I'm not sure what that would do to her psyche at such a young age. I'll get some pics of them on our next visit.

The fair starts tomorrow!! I'm so excited. My husband doesn't understand why everyone in this town is getting so excited for the fair. We are going Sat. and as soon as he eats some of that delicious once a year food, he will know why we get excited. Not to mention all the free junk at the booths!! Like paper fans, bookmarks and magnets! We will be heading over to the free food sample booths. Ah! Can't wait. 

Did you know they have fried butter at the fair? Yes, fried BUTTER. My gag reflexes just kicked in while I typed that. They also have Krispy Kreme hamburgers. Yep, you read that right too, a hamburger placed not between two buns but two Krispy Kremes. Won't be getting that either.  I will be getting fried snickers and maybe try the fried kool-aid because I can't wrap my head around how they fry kool-aid. Does anyone know? What will you be eating at the fair?

Can I get a "Woop Woop" for Fair Food!?!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anger, Tomatoes and Hats

As most of you know I'm a pretty mellow person. It takes a little bit for me to get angry at something. Also, I don't really want this to be a place of griping and grumbling. But, since I'm super angry I'm letting it out. I think it is more pregnancy hormones. Ok, so now that I think about it I'm not really anger more so than SUPER irritated at our car insurance company and lack of simple responsibility to let corporate know that we are covered instead of just leaving it in there own local system where no one else can verify that we were insured during time x and time y. They seem annoyed that I have called only twice about getting this solved. But, no now that one of the Credit Union ladies has explained to me that the local insurance place has to do all this stuff, I will be calling every hour, on the hour until this is solved. I hate dealing with people, specifically over the phone. If they could see my face and my death stare this would be solved now.

15 minutes until I call again.

On a lighter note, I wanted to show a pic of our tomato plants

There are only four plants there. They are taller than James, who is 6'3'' ish and wider that 3 grown adults standing next to each other. They have been this big and beautiful all summer! We have received a whooping four tomatoes off of them. Yes, all summer. It has been soo hot that the buds are not setting and no tomatoes are forming. But, last week it got cool in the night and buds began to set!! We can see little tomatoes sprouting up everywhere! I'm so excited. I have BIG plans for them! Like spaghetti/pizza sauce, salsa, tomato paste, diced tomatoes and of course BLT's or as I like to have them BMT (bacon, mayo and tomatoes).  ahhh the anticipation is killing me.

Charli somewhere found one of her hats from when she was a newborn and had to wear it yesterday afternoon ALL afternoon. Here is a little video of her showing it off (once she goes off camera you can stop watching its uneventful after that)

Don't mind the mess in the living room, we like to live in there.

Well after venting (sorry about that, and thanks for listening/reading), seeing my tomato plants and watching Charli model a hat, I feel a billion times better. Not to mention I get a package from AVON today so... those that ordered something will be getting your goodies this weekend! woop woop! 

Just thought of something else to put me in high spirits, James has a 3 day weekend!! Yay Labor day and Yay State Fair with fried snicker bars!! next week. 

4 more minutes then I call again

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chasing Charli

I had to post this video of me chasing my girl after the last post I posted because its just soo funny.

Also, Charli got some crayons and a coloring book today. She was very happy.

This is her first work of art :)

And her second, on her pillow.

This is the last post today. I'll leave everyone alone.

My baby is growing too fast!

Its been quite a summer! Im ready for fall and cool weather to get here. In fact tomorrow, Sept. 1, I'm setting out all of my fall decorations, in hopes that seeing it will trick my mind into thinking it is cool outside. Perhaps, I will even buy some fall leaves and sprinkle them in my yard, so that when I look out the window it will feel like fall.       No.      I'm am decorating tomorrow though.

Welp, I no longer have a baby. I have a toddler. At least I'm assuming that is what I have to call her now that she is toddling (walking) EVERYWHERE. The day before her birthday she just decided she was going to walk and she did. Now, I sleep very well at night because she wears me out. Luckily, the drawers and cabinet doors are older and hard to open, I won't have to baby proof those for a while!

Charli turned one exactly a week ago. Wait, is it Tues today? (pause) Nope, just checked my calender it's wed. Let me redo that first sentence. Charli turned one exactly a week and one day ago. I don't like it. My baby is growing up. (tear) We had a little party for my little girl that was duck themed and she loved it. I don't really know if she did, I don't think she knew what was going on. But, I loved it :) Here are some pics:      (unedited b/c I am lazy)

Charli's duck cake made by Dawn

The yummy cupcakes! (also made by Dawn) and ketsup

Lol not sure what face the bday girl is making.

Don't have to buy anything for Charli for a while (thumbs up)

She wasn't really into eating the cake, more so hugging and kissing it.

Until it was put into her mouth

Even the dogs wished her a Happy Birthday

There is my big girl :)

I'll leave you with a final picture of her toddling. She can go pretty fast when I chase her. 

Its a game, she thinks it funny.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Shoo Fly

We have had family in and out and been visiting family over the past few weeks, therefore my posts for the remainder of the summer might be sporadic.

I have been hand sewing this quilt top for our queen size bed this summer:

I don't like how it is turning out. I'm ripping it apart and starting over. I'm still going to do the star thing but just add a bit more. I'm using these things called quilt patties but, I'm not buying them, no, I'm making them. Quilt patties are a pattern that you can put the fabric over and it helps with hand sewing. Bad explanation I know. They are $20 for 50 of them, plastic ones that is. I went and got business cards that Ill cut the corners off of to make the diamond shape. There price $3.99 for 250. Ya, I think I won that one. 

On to more important things, Charli got one of her fang toothies in. And, her birthday is next month. Crazy I know. *tear. 

Here is a terribly blurry picture of Charli with her first pony tail, which blends in with the carpet. So sorry it is blurry she was too excited about it to sit still.

No she is not crying she is smiling. 

James bought me a dutch oven for my birthday :) and I made this

My first loaf of artisan bread. You know where it is hard on the out side and beautifully fluffy and light on the inside. It was amazing. But, it takes about 24 hours to make. It is worth it... sometimes. 

There is a fly in my house. 

Charli is chasing it. 

Now I'm going to kill it. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

oodles of noodles

Alright friends and family, I took a break from blogging for a bit, but now I am BACK! I know, your ecstatic.

Please read this fast like on the opening of Glee. Or you can read it slow, its up to you I suppose :)

OK, here is what you missed at the homestead...

Chelsey (yes that is myself, yes Im referring to myself in the third person to make this sound like the run down in Glee, so let me start over)

Chelsey has been baking her buns off in the kitchen (no pun intended)


oodles of spinach noodles that FAILED because they were too thick.

Charli went golfing for the first time and didn't complain once on 9 holes.

She also got a new toy that she has been pushing around the house

Chelsey's mother found this at a garage sale for $2.

Charli can also drink from a hose now, while only inhaling the water twice.

And James is trying to sell this,

which he wants you to buy.

And, thats what you missed at the Homestead.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homemade Bread

My first batch of Homemade bread was a success!!

I really enjoyed kneading it, surprisingly. The armoa from homemade bread was much better for my husband to come home to than cooking vinegar lol.  As quickly as we are going through both of these loaves, I might have to invest in a Kitchen Aid mixer and get the kneading attachment. Perhaps in a couple of years... There is also an attachment to grind your own grain to make fresh flower mmm. I can smell the bread cooking now. Ill get that attachment a few more years after I get my mixer. So, in about five years I could possibly be making the best bread EVER! (well, that I have ever made).

Looks beautiful eh? James takes his with butter and Ill have mine with peanut butter and honey mmmm. Ill clean the flour off the counter later.

And Charli takes hers however we give it to her! Usually toasted. 

I dont know if I will ever go back to buying bread from the store for our own little family. These two loaves have spoiled us. I think it will be a new hobby of mine.

Do any of you have any good baking from scratch recipes you wouldn't mind sharing?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Drops of Drool

Today, I was laying down holding Charli up over me and flying her like an airplane. It was entertaining, we smiled at each other and she made her happy noises as she was soaring through the air. I'm watching little balls of moisture accumulate on her top lip. And the moisture accumulation continues to grow. Until the molecules split. I am then watching a giant ball of saliva descend towards my face. Not being able to set Charli down and move fast enough it lands right above my lip, spreading like a rain drop hitting dry playground equipment. And then another drop comes, and another, and another and they just keep coming and wont stop! Ok so maybe only a couple more followed the initial one. I set Charli down and as I began to wipe my face off this occurs...

Charli you can even make slobbering on my face a great experience. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Overcoming Stairs

Our baby turned 9 months old yesterday! It is crazy how time flies!

We celebrated by having a garage sale (not yesterday but a couple of days ago)
It was not all mine, well majority of it was my parents. Most of it was sold. There are still a few things that we want to sell and some bigger items like a 3yr old stand up washer and dryer (works great, just wont fit under the cabinets in the wash closet) if anyone is interested.

Charli can climb up the stairs now.

I did want to redeem myself for the whole vinegar incident I told you about recently. I don't want it to seem like I suck at cooking, because I dont always :) ha. I made Parmesan shrimp with spaghetti last night
It was insanely good! If you are ever lucky enough to let me cook for you, I'll make this. Possibly.

The weather is suppose to be crazy today. After the Joplin tornado, Im a bit paranoid. It being that close to home made it a bit more real. We will be driving through there this month on the way to visit family, which will make it even more surreal.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Climbing out

This weekend I went to go get Charli from her nap and found her like this

I suppose we should move her mattress down again. Don't want the little booger escaping now.

Story A: She was also climbing up her walker the other day and was trying to get into the seat. She was so close when her foot slipped off, her little arms shot up into the air, her body tightened up like a toothpick and she fell off her walker and rolled several times on the floor, all the while her arms still straight up over her head and body tight like a tootsie roll. I waited a minute for her to begin screaming, but the tough little nugget got into crawling position shook her head and headed back to try and get in the walker again. I couldn't hold back the laughter, the fear I felt while it was all happening but the reassurance she was ok, the event turned into a rather humorous one. She is one tough cookie (gets it from me).

Story 2: Not to brag on myself but I have become quite the chef. I haven't burnt water in months! I decided this past week I was going to try some really crazy dishes. Most of them turned out good. But last night I was going to make some Harvest brown rice with apples, cranberry's, walnuts, goat cheese. The picture looked amazing. I was tired yesterday (thats what Im blaming it on). The recipe called for the brown rice to be cooked in apple cider vinegar to get that apple flavor cooked in well. As most of you know the vinegar part isn't the most pleasing to the nose, plus when one is simmering it, the smell tends to continue to get stronger. I was quite worried about the intense smell of vinegar aroma that was slowly burning the hair inside my nose. I continued to check the recipe and sure enough I was doing everything right. By the fifth time of checking I noticed I had added the word vinegar in my mind. A light bulb turned on in my head and remembered when we were shopping this week that I was not able to find the apple cider in the store and was going to take the dinner off the list, but forgot. So, being the inexperienced chef, I figured maybe, just maybe the rice would turn out ok, therefore I let it continue cooking. James came home and took a nice big waft of the highly anticipated home cooked meal and inhaled the strongest vinegar sent (I cant even describe how nasty it was, by this time Ive been inhaling this sent for the past 40 min and cant smell it anymore). He had to step outside, I had to open all the windows and turn on all the fans, and sadly put the rice in the compost pile out back. We ate Hog Wild.

Lesson for the week: One can't substitute Apple Cider Vinegar for Apple Cider. It just does not work. NO.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roses are a bloomin

Charli's top tooth is beginning to poke through! The only way she seems to find any relief is by sneaking under chairs and chewing on the metal...

Exhibit A

She is officially pulling up now too!! I think she wanted to play in her walker when I found her.

Exhibit B

Our rose bush had its first bud of the spring on it as well

Exhibit 3

Would you like to hear (or read) some bittersweet news? Im gonna tell ya anyway. We traded in my car that I have had since my senior year of high school :( it was hard watching it go. But, on the sweet side we now have a great new, to us, family vehicle!