Thursday, September 8, 2011

So many tomatoes!

I have been checking my tomato plants twice a day in hopes that there will be some red ones soon.

No red ones yet. Just lots and lots of tomatoes. 

They are getting so big and beautiful. I can't wait much longer, the anticipation is killing me!

Charli has been loving to color after breakfast. It has been so fun to watch her just scribble away.

It has been so beautiful out this past week. We have been leaving all the windows wide open. We bought Charli some chalk and found some bubbles which are now played with on a daily basis. After she gets done drawing on the sidewalk she tries to draw on the grass, but then gets so frustrated because nothing will appear. Somehow she manages to draw on the tree. 

We bought a dozen baby chicks too! Our friends are keeping them with their chicks and taking care of them. But, we get to see them a couple times a week. Charli was able to pet one the other day. I'm not getting attached though, because we bought them to eat when they get fat enough. Yep, we are going to spend one of these beautiful Sat. butchering our chickens. We aren't bringing along Charli of course, I'm not sure what that would do to her psyche at such a young age. I'll get some pics of them on our next visit.

The fair starts tomorrow!! I'm so excited. My husband doesn't understand why everyone in this town is getting so excited for the fair. We are going Sat. and as soon as he eats some of that delicious once a year food, he will know why we get excited. Not to mention all the free junk at the booths!! Like paper fans, bookmarks and magnets! We will be heading over to the free food sample booths. Ah! Can't wait. 

Did you know they have fried butter at the fair? Yes, fried BUTTER. My gag reflexes just kicked in while I typed that. They also have Krispy Kreme hamburgers. Yep, you read that right too, a hamburger placed not between two buns but two Krispy Kremes. Won't be getting that either.  I will be getting fried snickers and maybe try the fried kool-aid because I can't wrap my head around how they fry kool-aid. Does anyone know? What will you be eating at the fair?

Can I get a "Woop Woop" for Fair Food!?!


MEGGY said...

Here are my top fave fair foods:

1.Roasted corn on the cob (so sweet,salty, and buttery!)
2.Kettle corn
3.Pronto pup
4.Funnel cake (remember when we worked there one year??)

Can't wait :)

PurelyHappy said...

Haha Ya that was pretty fun. I asked that guy if he was going to do it this year. I would have liked to work it again (free funnel cakes). But, he sold his truck :(

Alisha said...

Hey that's awesome you're doing chickens!! What a great opportunity. Also, while I was pregnant our friends with chickens said that pregnant women need to stay away from the chx coop and don't bother with the butchering b/c chx poop releases a toxic gas that is bad for preggos. Just wanted to share! I had no idea about it... weird.
Also, I always loved the corn on the cob and the "Walking Taco" and Dots!

PurelyHappy said...

Oh Gosh Alisha! I didn't even think about the chicken poop things while I'm preggers!! Darn it! No butchering chickens for me :( Perhaps next year...