Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Readers,

Dear People that read my blog,

I am going to have to resign my postings of pictures of my baby girl for a while, due to me being paranoid about creeps on the internet. But, I will however send you picture updates via. If you would like picture updates by email because you do not have facebook (Grandma) or because you refuse to use it (Anna) let me know. My email is Otherwise you will just have to enjoy our family pics on facebook. Although, it is much more fun to share them on here. Maybe one day...
I will still share updates on what our family has been up to, so don't abandon me completely. Plus, once every blue moon there will be a picture or two.

That is all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

1st day back to work

Today was the first day that I went back to work after having Baby C. Im really looking forward to my new job. Its what I had been working toward those 4 long years of college. It was quite tuff leaving my little one at home, but she will be home most of the day with her wonderful daddy and a couple of hours of the day at a pretty great day care. Leaving her is much easier since I know she is in good hands.

My orientation was a little over 2 hours away. I had to leave my home at 5:30am in order to make it there by 8. And of course Baby C was up and eating a little before 4 am (thankfully my amazing husband took care of all the other feedings last night). Needless to say it was a long day, and Im pretty sure I had more coffee today than I have had in the past year. Its 8:30pm and as soon as Im done writing, Im headed to bed. I feel old.

My mother in-law came down to stay with us this week as well. What a blessing! She is helping the transition of me starting my new job a little easier by helping us out, while we get used to our new schedule for our family.

We went to Ks. this weekend so that Baby C could meet some friends and family. It was quite a weekend for her, meeting a new person every couple of hours, being passed around and showered with kisses all day and having alot of tummy troubles. Not to mention the 6 hour drive there and back. She slept almost all day today (except when I got home and played with her)! She had so much fun though! My parents had her grinning from ear to ear every time they picked her up.

Oh wait, that was them grinning from ear to ear every time they picked her up :)

My husband got her to smile her first real smile this weekend as well. It was sooo cute! I got a nice side pic of it on my mom's camera. She usually opened her mouth and squinted her eyes when she was trying to smile but, this time it was a full out grin. Too cute!

Tomorrow I have more training, Im not sure how much training I have to do. My boss said it would be less than normal due to the fact that I had done this work before. I can't wait to get started and be on my own! Working with children and their families is what I love doing! Im so glad God gave me this job :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally here!

Our beautiful baby is finally here!

Baby C
arrived on Aug 23.

Isn't she gorgeous?

For those that are wanting to know... labor was great! I had contractions for 5 days. They broke my water on the 5th day, then I had her within 4 hours. It went smoothly.

Birth is such a beautiful thing.

Then it was time to go home.

Baby C's going home outfit.

Laying on the quilt I made her :)

Baby C's first time in a car seat.

For Baby C's first week we had our dear friend Shelby from Simply Shelby Photography take some pictures.

Baby C also got to take a picture with all of her cousins.

Yes, they are all boys.

Needless to say Baby C has had an eventful first couple weeks of her life. I have more pics to upload and more stories of her experiences to tell. But not today, I don't want to make this post too long.

It is absolutely mind blowing that we have a child now. It truly does change ones life, in greater ways then I could have ever imagined. I now have the joy of feeling a different kind of love that I have never felt before. I honestly don't know what I did before her. Everyday we wake up and she seems to have grown overnight. Its only been 2 weeks, and it is flying by way to fast. I only have 3 1/2 weeks left with her before I start my new job. It will be a bittersweet day. Ill have to get in plenty of picture time with her! Which means lots of scrapbooking :)

And now I will leave you all with our first family picture

Finally here!

Our wonderful bundle of joy is finally here!
Charli Raeann
Aug. 23
7lbs 2oz.
20 1/2 inches

For those that are wondering labor was great! I had contractions for 5 days then they finally broke my water. Once that happened she was here in 4 hours! I can't even describe what it is like carrying a child for 9 months then suddenly holding her in your arms.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby C's quilt

So, Im now 37 weeks pregnant and ready for Baby C to come at any time. The house is scrubbed top to bottom, her clothes and diapers are all organized, bags are packed for the hospital, there is nothing more that I can think of to do except sit and wait. The days grow even longer with my husband asking me if my water broke every time I get up to use the bathroom. lol We are both getting so anxious.

I finally got the thank you cards for everyone that came to the baby shower in Ks. done. I've decided I won't make thank you cards anymore, they take way to long. Here they are...

Baby C's quilt is done!!! I was so excited to get the call from the lady that did the quilting saying it was done. I got beautiful flowers and swirls quilted into it.

I also attempted my first time binding, luckly you can only see the flaws if you really study the quilt. I am absolutely in love with Baby C's quilt!

Quilting is officially my new favorite hobby!

Next to scrapbooking, of course.

Oh I just remembered what else I needed to do!

Make contact lists for the parents and in-laws to call when Baby C arrives. I love our families.

Any other suggestions on what needs to be done before Baby C arrives?

Friday, July 23, 2010

34 Weeks!

By tomorrow I will be 35 weeks along in my pregnancy. It has been great so far! I am really feeling her start to tumble and try to get into the head down position which is really uncomfortable, but I love feeling her move! My doctor said everything was normal and looking great. We still have a few more weeks and the anticipation is killing us!

Here is my week 34 photo, I have expanded quite a bit, but I still wish there was a little bit more room for her.

We are slowly getting all of our baby stuff together. Not really sure how much or what we need specifically but we are trying lol. The baby showers are a great bonus though! Here is a few pics from the one that was thrown for me in Kansas (where my side of the family is).

A few gifts :)

This beautiful one my cousin made me

And we played a few games

Also I got the top to my quilt done!! Now Im going to take it to a quilt shope here in town to get it quilted. I can't wait!

P.S. We got a new puppy.

His name is Titus.

Until next time, Ill be in the AC.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Sewing Project

Since we found out that we are having a little girl, I have been taking my sweet time deciding on the color scheme that I want for the baby quilt that I am going to make our first born. Keep in mind that I have not sewing anything besides a hole in some pants since about 7th grade home ec class.

We finally made it down to Ks. where my parents live and went to the Hobby Lobby there in town. Fabric was on sale! So, I decided it was time to make a decision. They had fat quarters bundled up with four matching patterns for a very good price. I saw one with the cutest prints and then bought some solids to match.

Low and behold my fabric choices for my babies quilt

One of the lady's at church makes beautiful quilts all the time! So, she is walking me through all of this. I decided to make a 42 inch by 42 inch blanket with a 9 block pattern. Each square that is apart of the 9 block is going to be 2 inches. Which means I will need to have 49 blocks done. Making that 441 two and a half inch squares cut out of my fabrics, which is alot of cutting.

Arn't they gorgeous?

After the cutting step I paired all 441 squares in blocks consisting of 9 squares in each block. Leaving me with these lovely sets.

Now I finally get to start sewing all the blocks together!!

I am SO excited to get my first quilt done for my baby! As I get more blocks done I'll post some more pics :)

Update on my pregnancy: I am going to be 30 weeks on sat. Which means we only have 10 weeks left!! I absolutely love being pregnant! Especially since I haven't had to go through the nausea and all that stuff :)

Until next week...

have a super great weekend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

21 weeks

My husband and I did the big ultrasound yesterday and found out we are having a GIRL!!! We really weren't hoping for one or the other but, now I can start buying girly things :) My stomach has just now started to show and it popped pretty good this past week. Here is a photo of my tummy at week 20

and here is a picture of my tummy at week 21

As you can see our little girl has grown alot!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

13 weeks

I know, I know, Im still not quite in the habit of keeping this thing up to date.
My apologies.

My husband and I have made some really big changes in these past few months. I would provide pictures but, I am borrowing the in-laws Internet and forgot to bring my camera over to upload pictures, so just use your imagination :)

Over Christmas we went to go visit my family in Kansas. While there we took a pregnancy test and found out we are pregnant!! Right now I am 13 weeks along (the baby is 6.7cm) and have ultrasound pics but, you will have to wait to see those. It was soo crazy seeing our baby jumping and kicking inside me! What a blessing this baby is for us. For those that are wondering I haven't been nauseous or anything. I did have a few spouts of heartburn though, and Im gaining weight at a rapid pace. More will be to come on this when we learn more...

At the end of January we decided to move back to Missouri. We enjoyed our time in Arkansas but, we missed family and with me being pregnant we wanted to move back. We still owned a house here which we moved back into. And, now I am job hunting. I have a couple of prospects and just praying that God gives me the right one.

Until then, I am being quite lazy at home, only unpacking the essentials. My scrapbooking is unpacked but the dining room table is still cluttered with stuff, which I suppose I should put away soon.

As for our new puppy we got in Arkansas, a week after we moved back he ran off and didn't come back :( We called around but no one had or saw him. I think we are only meant to have one dog.