Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Sewing Project

Since we found out that we are having a little girl, I have been taking my sweet time deciding on the color scheme that I want for the baby quilt that I am going to make our first born. Keep in mind that I have not sewing anything besides a hole in some pants since about 7th grade home ec class.

We finally made it down to Ks. where my parents live and went to the Hobby Lobby there in town. Fabric was on sale! So, I decided it was time to make a decision. They had fat quarters bundled up with four matching patterns for a very good price. I saw one with the cutest prints and then bought some solids to match.

Low and behold my fabric choices for my babies quilt

One of the lady's at church makes beautiful quilts all the time! So, she is walking me through all of this. I decided to make a 42 inch by 42 inch blanket with a 9 block pattern. Each square that is apart of the 9 block is going to be 2 inches. Which means I will need to have 49 blocks done. Making that 441 two and a half inch squares cut out of my fabrics, which is alot of cutting.

Arn't they gorgeous?

After the cutting step I paired all 441 squares in blocks consisting of 9 squares in each block. Leaving me with these lovely sets.

Now I finally get to start sewing all the blocks together!!

I am SO excited to get my first quilt done for my baby! As I get more blocks done I'll post some more pics :)

Update on my pregnancy: I am going to be 30 weeks on sat. Which means we only have 10 weeks left!! I absolutely love being pregnant! Especially since I haven't had to go through the nausea and all that stuff :)

Until next week...

have a super great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

wow thats alot of work,good luck. I bet it will be beautiful.