Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby C's quilt

So, Im now 37 weeks pregnant and ready for Baby C to come at any time. The house is scrubbed top to bottom, her clothes and diapers are all organized, bags are packed for the hospital, there is nothing more that I can think of to do except sit and wait. The days grow even longer with my husband asking me if my water broke every time I get up to use the bathroom. lol We are both getting so anxious.

I finally got the thank you cards for everyone that came to the baby shower in Ks. done. I've decided I won't make thank you cards anymore, they take way to long. Here they are...

Baby C's quilt is done!!! I was so excited to get the call from the lady that did the quilting saying it was done. I got beautiful flowers and swirls quilted into it.

I also attempted my first time binding, luckly you can only see the flaws if you really study the quilt. I am absolutely in love with Baby C's quilt!

Quilting is officially my new favorite hobby!

Next to scrapbooking, of course.

Oh I just remembered what else I needed to do!

Make contact lists for the parents and in-laws to call when Baby C arrives. I love our families.

Any other suggestions on what needs to be done before Baby C arrives?


Cassie Ratzlaff said...

Just get lots of sleep while you can! I love her quilt, it's beautiful! :)

Chelsey B. said...

Thank you! Can't wait to see yours! I love your idea of using your son's baby clothes to make the quilt.