Wednesday, February 24, 2010

13 weeks

I know, I know, Im still not quite in the habit of keeping this thing up to date.
My apologies.

My husband and I have made some really big changes in these past few months. I would provide pictures but, I am borrowing the in-laws Internet and forgot to bring my camera over to upload pictures, so just use your imagination :)

Over Christmas we went to go visit my family in Kansas. While there we took a pregnancy test and found out we are pregnant!! Right now I am 13 weeks along (the baby is 6.7cm) and have ultrasound pics but, you will have to wait to see those. It was soo crazy seeing our baby jumping and kicking inside me! What a blessing this baby is for us. For those that are wondering I haven't been nauseous or anything. I did have a few spouts of heartburn though, and Im gaining weight at a rapid pace. More will be to come on this when we learn more...

At the end of January we decided to move back to Missouri. We enjoyed our time in Arkansas but, we missed family and with me being pregnant we wanted to move back. We still owned a house here which we moved back into. And, now I am job hunting. I have a couple of prospects and just praying that God gives me the right one.

Until then, I am being quite lazy at home, only unpacking the essentials. My scrapbooking is unpacked but the dining room table is still cluttered with stuff, which I suppose I should put away soon.

As for our new puppy we got in Arkansas, a week after we moved back he ran off and didn't come back :( We called around but no one had or saw him. I think we are only meant to have one dog.

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Anonymous said...

Im so excited to have a grandbaby!
Love Dad