Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anger, Tomatoes and Hats

As most of you know I'm a pretty mellow person. It takes a little bit for me to get angry at something. Also, I don't really want this to be a place of griping and grumbling. But, since I'm super angry I'm letting it out. I think it is more pregnancy hormones. Ok, so now that I think about it I'm not really anger more so than SUPER irritated at our car insurance company and lack of simple responsibility to let corporate know that we are covered instead of just leaving it in there own local system where no one else can verify that we were insured during time x and time y. They seem annoyed that I have called only twice about getting this solved. But, no now that one of the Credit Union ladies has explained to me that the local insurance place has to do all this stuff, I will be calling every hour, on the hour until this is solved. I hate dealing with people, specifically over the phone. If they could see my face and my death stare this would be solved now.

15 minutes until I call again.

On a lighter note, I wanted to show a pic of our tomato plants

There are only four plants there. They are taller than James, who is 6'3'' ish and wider that 3 grown adults standing next to each other. They have been this big and beautiful all summer! We have received a whooping four tomatoes off of them. Yes, all summer. It has been soo hot that the buds are not setting and no tomatoes are forming. But, last week it got cool in the night and buds began to set!! We can see little tomatoes sprouting up everywhere! I'm so excited. I have BIG plans for them! Like spaghetti/pizza sauce, salsa, tomato paste, diced tomatoes and of course BLT's or as I like to have them BMT (bacon, mayo and tomatoes).  ahhh the anticipation is killing me.

Charli somewhere found one of her hats from when she was a newborn and had to wear it yesterday afternoon ALL afternoon. Here is a little video of her showing it off (once she goes off camera you can stop watching its uneventful after that)

Don't mind the mess in the living room, we like to live in there.

Well after venting (sorry about that, and thanks for listening/reading), seeing my tomato plants and watching Charli model a hat, I feel a billion times better. Not to mention I get a package from AVON today so... those that ordered something will be getting your goodies this weekend! woop woop! 

Just thought of something else to put me in high spirits, James has a 3 day weekend!! Yay Labor day and Yay State Fair with fried snicker bars!! next week. 

4 more minutes then I call again


MEGGY said...

I wish my tomato plant were doing that well!

Also I have eaten a ridiculous amount of toast this morning just so I could eat more of your jelly. YUMYUMYUM

PurelyHappy said...

Ha! Im glad you like the jelly! I can't wait to get more fruit and see what other kinds I can make. Maybe Ill mix some this next time. Like a fruit punch jelly mmm

Chrissy said...

Let me know if your get your insurance issues resolved, because I am feeling your pain today!:/ I get so tired of being polite to our representatives when they're so rude to me at asking questions. I'm sorry, but don't we PAY them. I think answering my questions with a good attitude is the least you can do! Ours is our health insurance though. We're trying to have a home birth or at least a midwife. Apparently I'm a crazy person for wanting that and don't deserve to be treated respectfully. Much love and prayer that yours gets resolved quickly!!!

P.S. Charli is so adorable!!!! I love seeing her run around!! Linc's taking his sweet time lol;)

PurelyHappy said...

That is crazy they are treating you like that for wanting to have a home birth! I have to wait a bit to talk to our insurance but am not looking forward to it either. Babies are so crazy with their developments. Its like one day they just decide they are going to do something and do it!