Monday, September 26, 2011


I am debating on making Charli a Halloween costume or just buying one. My mother made our costumes every year and they were some of the coolest costumes ever! I wish I had some pics of them, but fortunately for you I don't (on hand). There are so many cute handmade ones out there to choose from, or get inspiration from.

owl costume

She could be

I do love this
Little Red Ridinghood costume

Ha ha this
Sack of Taters will definitely have to be for the next babe

With Spaghetti being my favorite food I might take 
This one into consideration
make my own variation of it :)

This is probably the cutest one I have seen but way way way out of my price range

Here is a picture of Charli last year at Halloween 

Im pretty sure she is the cutest bumble bee ever! Don't argue with me...

Which one is your favorite? What are you dressing your kids/dogs up as this year? or are you?


Alisha said...

haha! the owl is so cute :) Little Red is cute too, but I love the spaghetti and Princess Leia. The sack of potatoes is hilarious! We won't be doing any trick or treating, but I LOVE costumes so I was thinking of making Mathias one. Either a bear or turtle or maybe a gnome :)

MEGGY said...

i love the owl! Check out this cupcake one!

The princes Leia looks cute and super easy too.

PurelyHappy said...

Alisha- the gnome one would be soo cute! I saw some online and they are adorable!

Meagan- that cupcake one is soo cute! I bet that would be easy to make too.