Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homemade Bread

My first batch of Homemade bread was a success!!

I really enjoyed kneading it, surprisingly. The armoa from homemade bread was much better for my husband to come home to than cooking vinegar lol.  As quickly as we are going through both of these loaves, I might have to invest in a Kitchen Aid mixer and get the kneading attachment. Perhaps in a couple of years... There is also an attachment to grind your own grain to make fresh flower mmm. I can smell the bread cooking now. Ill get that attachment a few more years after I get my mixer. So, in about five years I could possibly be making the best bread EVER! (well, that I have ever made).

Looks beautiful eh? James takes his with butter and Ill have mine with peanut butter and honey mmmm. Ill clean the flour off the counter later.

And Charli takes hers however we give it to her! Usually toasted. 

I dont know if I will ever go back to buying bread from the store for our own little family. These two loaves have spoiled us. I think it will be a new hobby of mine.

Do any of you have any good baking from scratch recipes you wouldn't mind sharing?


Chrissy said...

Your loaves look fantastic!! And I bet they taste even better!!:) We were blessed with a kitchen aid for a wedding present from my grandparents. It's their gift to all the grandkids on their wedding day. Unfortunately it's still pretty hard on my mixer when you get to about 7 cups of flour:( I don't have the flour grinder attachment! I'll have to look into that!! My mom uses a grinding machine that's super cool! I wonder if it would be cheaper to grind your own since I have to use special flour with my wheat allergy. You are so domestic! I love it!!:)

PurelyHappy said...

Lucky you have one already!! What size do you have bc I have to have about 6-7 cups of four for that bread. Those grinding machine are awesome! But, everything is soooo expensive. Unless you get a hand grinder which is only about $30 we use a hand grinder to grind our meat, its not too bad unless my husband decides he wants to make the entire dear into hamburger...

Sabrina said...

That does look delish! And..I love reading your blog! I love making homemade bread--but, I have to admit that I cheat--we bought a breadmaker when we were first married--it's a lot cheaper than a KitchenAid and it's works like a charm--I just throw all the ingredients in and it can do the rest. However, I usually just put it on the dough cycle-it kneads it. Then, I can pull it out, let it rise for about 30 min. and make loaves or rolls or pizza dough--anything I want.
But, if James wants to get you a nice birthday gift ;), you can go to and look at their refurbished mixers--that's what I did and I got a great deal on a mixer!

Cassie said...

Homemade bread is amazing! You can try putting Italian seasonings and Parmesan cheese and use olive oil to spread that stuff on top as well as putting it in the mix. It makes an amazing Italian bread, Alex makes it and the way it makes your house smell is awesome!

PurelyHappy said...

Sabrina I didn't think about getting a bread maker, thats not cheating at all! It just allows you to make even more yumminess!

Cassie that is a great idea! Im making spaghetti tonight Ill have to make some spread to go on it and add it to the bread next time I make it.