Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Drops of Drool

Today, I was laying down holding Charli up over me and flying her like an airplane. It was entertaining, we smiled at each other and she made her happy noises as she was soaring through the air. I'm watching little balls of moisture accumulate on her top lip. And the moisture accumulation continues to grow. Until the molecules split. I am then watching a giant ball of saliva descend towards my face. Not being able to set Charli down and move fast enough it lands right above my lip, spreading like a rain drop hitting dry playground equipment. And then another drop comes, and another, and another and they just keep coming and wont stop! Ok so maybe only a couple more followed the initial one. I set Charli down and as I began to wipe my face off this occurs...

Charli you can even make slobbering on my face a great experience. Thank you.

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Grandma Robin said...

Charli your a funny girl