Monday, May 2, 2011


Ello Friends and Family,

Now that I'm not working with those that I worried about seeing my family and child, Im ready to blog again.

Updates: We moved from Missouri to Kansas. With so many from Missouri that we are missing as well as others in other states that we are not able to see, Im starting up this blog to keep everyone up to date on what our little family is up to. More so on Charli :)

James received a great job here in Kansas delivering gas. I also am able to stay home with my baby girl and we are both absolutely loving it. Im discovering how much I love staying home, although I enjoyed working too, I am discovering things I loved doing and am starting them up again (sewing and scrapbooking) as well as other things such as becoming frugal, loving to do laundry (I know not many people enjoy this chore but I look forward to folding the warm clothes fresh out of the dryer in attempt to leave no wrinkles). James and I also planted some herbs for the first time and are excited to watch them grow. At my folks, they planted many veggies that we are going to help garden. James is working quite a bit, but is home every night, and enjoying the home cooked meals that Im experimenting with. He has also been enjoying working on the yard and attempting to make the lawn like green carpet :)

Charli's first tooth poked through last week, now another is poking through! She has been quite crabby and taking lots of naps. I made some teething biscuits out of baby cereal, flour and juice that she Loves! Would take a picture of her teeth but, she wont let me open her mouth, except to brush her teeth with the little finger tooth brush. Charli is also loving being read too. Her favorite book right now is 'I love you through and through' as well as the books that have flaps with things hidden behind them, if that makes since. She is crawling everywhere! I had to baby proof the house about a month ago. She is also able to pull up on lower things to a standing position and is able to walk with assistance. Time is going to fast. She had her first Easter and went easter egg hunting. She would pick up the eggs and eat them, well attempt to lol.

I will be posting pics of what we are up to through out the week or month, Ill try to stay up to date on this. I need to include some of our duplex because so many of you are asking about it! That is all I have today, Charli is asleep so Im going to organize something.

Happy Trails

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