Monday, May 16, 2011

Climbing out

This weekend I went to go get Charli from her nap and found her like this

I suppose we should move her mattress down again. Don't want the little booger escaping now.

Story A: She was also climbing up her walker the other day and was trying to get into the seat. She was so close when her foot slipped off, her little arms shot up into the air, her body tightened up like a toothpick and she fell off her walker and rolled several times on the floor, all the while her arms still straight up over her head and body tight like a tootsie roll. I waited a minute for her to begin screaming, but the tough little nugget got into crawling position shook her head and headed back to try and get in the walker again. I couldn't hold back the laughter, the fear I felt while it was all happening but the reassurance she was ok, the event turned into a rather humorous one. She is one tough cookie (gets it from me).

Story 2: Not to brag on myself but I have become quite the chef. I haven't burnt water in months! I decided this past week I was going to try some really crazy dishes. Most of them turned out good. But last night I was going to make some Harvest brown rice with apples, cranberry's, walnuts, goat cheese. The picture looked amazing. I was tired yesterday (thats what Im blaming it on). The recipe called for the brown rice to be cooked in apple cider vinegar to get that apple flavor cooked in well. As most of you know the vinegar part isn't the most pleasing to the nose, plus when one is simmering it, the smell tends to continue to get stronger. I was quite worried about the intense smell of vinegar aroma that was slowly burning the hair inside my nose. I continued to check the recipe and sure enough I was doing everything right. By the fifth time of checking I noticed I had added the word vinegar in my mind. A light bulb turned on in my head and remembered when we were shopping this week that I was not able to find the apple cider in the store and was going to take the dinner off the list, but forgot. So, being the inexperienced chef, I figured maybe, just maybe the rice would turn out ok, therefore I let it continue cooking. James came home and took a nice big waft of the highly anticipated home cooked meal and inhaled the strongest vinegar sent (I cant even describe how nasty it was, by this time Ive been inhaling this sent for the past 40 min and cant smell it anymore). He had to step outside, I had to open all the windows and turn on all the fans, and sadly put the rice in the compost pile out back. We ate Hog Wild.

Lesson for the week: One can't substitute Apple Cider Vinegar for Apple Cider. It just does not work. NO.

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