Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday #2

Happy Monday! I figure I would post something every monday and sometimes more through out the week depending on what is going on. Yesterday was mothers day. Charli took me shopping :) and then we had a wonderful dinner with the whole family that evening at Chili's. Oh man was it good!!

Charli's top tooth is coming in and I think it is quite a bit more painful than her bottom ones that came in because she sure is crabby! The only thing that calms her is taking her outside or helping her walk around the house.

Our herbs are growing beautifully, at least none of them have died yet! I do have a plant inside that is wilting, its sad. Charli helps us in the garden by eating things and playing in the sprinkler water

Ill leave you with this video of what Charli and I do during the day

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Nana said...

love the video!!! she is growing too fast..cant wait until August when I come to see her... Oh and yall too..LOL Glad to hear you had a good Mother's Day...Love yall