Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Overcoming Stairs

Our baby turned 9 months old yesterday! It is crazy how time flies!

We celebrated by having a garage sale (not yesterday but a couple of days ago)
It was not all mine, well majority of it was my parents. Most of it was sold. There are still a few things that we want to sell and some bigger items like a 3yr old stand up washer and dryer (works great, just wont fit under the cabinets in the wash closet) if anyone is interested.

Charli can climb up the stairs now.

I did want to redeem myself for the whole vinegar incident I told you about recently. I don't want it to seem like I suck at cooking, because I dont always :) ha. I made Parmesan shrimp with spaghetti last night
It was insanely good! If you are ever lucky enough to let me cook for you, I'll make this. Possibly.

The weather is suppose to be crazy today. After the Joplin tornado, Im a bit paranoid. It being that close to home made it a bit more real. We will be driving through there this month on the way to visit family, which will make it even more surreal.

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