Monday, June 27, 2011

oodles of noodles

Alright friends and family, I took a break from blogging for a bit, but now I am BACK! I know, your ecstatic.

Please read this fast like on the opening of Glee. Or you can read it slow, its up to you I suppose :)

OK, here is what you missed at the homestead...

Chelsey (yes that is myself, yes Im referring to myself in the third person to make this sound like the run down in Glee, so let me start over)

Chelsey has been baking her buns off in the kitchen (no pun intended)


oodles of spinach noodles that FAILED because they were too thick.

Charli went golfing for the first time and didn't complain once on 9 holes.

She also got a new toy that she has been pushing around the house

Chelsey's mother found this at a garage sale for $2.

Charli can also drink from a hose now, while only inhaling the water twice.

And James is trying to sell this,

which he wants you to buy.

And, thats what you missed at the Homestead.

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MEGGY said...

I love reading your blog! I especially love that you're sharing the new hobbies and interests that your are slowly picking up while being a stay at home mama. I really love the pics as well. Keep on blogging! :)