Monday, July 25, 2011

Shoo Fly

We have had family in and out and been visiting family over the past few weeks, therefore my posts for the remainder of the summer might be sporadic.

I have been hand sewing this quilt top for our queen size bed this summer:

I don't like how it is turning out. I'm ripping it apart and starting over. I'm still going to do the star thing but just add a bit more. I'm using these things called quilt patties but, I'm not buying them, no, I'm making them. Quilt patties are a pattern that you can put the fabric over and it helps with hand sewing. Bad explanation I know. They are $20 for 50 of them, plastic ones that is. I went and got business cards that Ill cut the corners off of to make the diamond shape. There price $3.99 for 250. Ya, I think I won that one. 

On to more important things, Charli got one of her fang toothies in. And, her birthday is next month. Crazy I know. *tear. 

Here is a terribly blurry picture of Charli with her first pony tail, which blends in with the carpet. So sorry it is blurry she was too excited about it to sit still.

No she is not crying she is smiling. 

James bought me a dutch oven for my birthday :) and I made this

My first loaf of artisan bread. You know where it is hard on the out side and beautifully fluffy and light on the inside. It was amazing. But, it takes about 24 hours to make. It is worth it... sometimes. 

There is a fly in my house. 

Charli is chasing it. 

Now I'm going to kill it. 


MEGGY said...
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MEGGY said...

That bread looks delectable! You're becoming quite the baker, go you! :)

Alisha said...

I love the look of your pattern! and the colors. That bread looks awesome! I can't wait to have a dutch oven someday. Great job!

PurelyHappy said...

Thanks :) Ill try to make some when we all get together!