Monday, November 23, 2009

Brick Roads

Then mental health center that I work for has sent me to Little Rock, Ar. for a couple of days to attend a conference. This is my first time here and my what a big town it is! It boggles my mind at it massiveness. I have been to bigger cities with my parents before and them driving. Its a completely different experience on my own.

There are so many beautiful things here. I went to the Old Union Train station today. There were brick roads every once in a while, old buildings with beautiful architecture and a nice atmosphere.

I ate at a place called Mimi's Cafe. Oh man was that some good food!! They brought out 3 different types of bread before my dinner, which were amazing. Then when my order came (I ordered country fried steak) there were two country fried steaks and a mound of mash potatoes plus veggies. Reasonably priced and alot of food! I took literally half the food with me back to my hotel. But, not sure what Im going to do with it because it can't sit in my car for 8 hours during my meetings tomorrow or 3 more hours in the car with me on the way home. hmm...

Next trip to Little Rock, I am going to try and come a few days early and explore. There is not much to do when it is dark by the time the meetings are over. Except find a Target and get Christmas shopping done!

And finally, I would like to thank my TomTom, because without it, I would probably have ended up in Utah or on coming traffic.

Thank you TomTom, thank you.

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mimis is great! min