Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 loads of laundry down, 5 to go

I know, I know, how could just my husband and me have that much laundry!?

We went on a four day camping/hunting trip with some new friends that we have made here in Arkansas. I had about 4 loads to do before we left but I figured I would wait till we got back to do them. Added on top with sleeping bags, blankets and everything else we took that smells like camp fire.

This was a much needed trip for the both of us. Since we moved here I was working many different hours during the week. We saw each other at various times throughout the week. (Sometimes only on his lunch break). My husband has been planning this 4 day get away for a few months and it finally arrived! Its great how God works. Instead of me going back to a job where our schedules are conflicting, tomorrow I start my new job where we will get to have evenings together now.

Our camping trip was great. We had four days out in the wilderness, getting up before the sun, hunting, coming back to some amazing grub and enjoying each others company. I also had many first time experiences this weekend.

Experience #1 I went hunting all by myself (I normally sit with MrB). I know it doesn't sound like much of a feat but, its quite scary walking into the woods alone, getting lost on the way to my stand, knowing there are wild hogs, alligators, king snakes, rattles snakes and coyotes roaming around, waiting to eat me. Then I finally found my stand!! After 30 min. What victory that was!!! While sitting in my stand 14 feet above the ground in a tree, I spent time with my Lord and what a calming peace He has created in the woods.

Experience #2 I maintained a fire yesterday after I got back hunting, around 10am, and for the rest of the day. Let me tell you, it was a blazin too! I didn't go hunting this morning but stayed back to help prepare breakfast for the others that went hunting. And yes, I started a fire all by myself. When it did start going out, God sent a breeze and it began to roar again.

Experience #3 We camped with a few older couples. The women were amazing cooks! Monday night I volunteered to make some homemade stroganoff which I haven't done before (camping also was another challenge, not all of the accommodations one is used to in a kitchen). The ladies were such a help. The stroganoff was a-mazing. One of the ladies is going to start giving me cooking lessons. Ill be able to make the good southern dishes in no time! I also got a couple of good desert recipes. They are super easy! I'll be sure to post them after I make them.

All in all, it was a magnificent weekend. My husband and I are going to try and plan a quick weekend camping trip every other month for our own sanity and romance. It was a great last, long getaway. When I start my new job tomorrow, Ill be on a six month probation with no annual leave. But I will get holidays off and weekends now :)

I was spoiled with yummy camp food every night these past 4 days, I want to make my handsome husband something yummy tonight again!

Happy cooking!

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