Saturday, November 9, 2013


I don't know how many of you take a butt load of photos, but if you do, then keep reading.

I have been using for years now to order pictures. A couple of years ago, I discovered a site called . Where you can store thousands of photos and videos. It organizes them by date and you can categorize them in stories, as well as facial recognition. You can upload your photos from about any social media site. It will even upload photos you were tagged in. It's hands down, amazing.

Sidenote: this life is free up to 1,000 photos and/or videos after that its about 59/yr or 7.99/mo for 25,000 photos/videos.

I'll get to the whole point of this post. and have merged. Yes, merged!!!! As my 3 year old would say BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! All my stories can be quickly made into books now! I'm so excited!!!! often has 40% off their photo books, which I try to hold out for.

This isn't a sponsored post or anything. Just pure excitement pouring out of my fingertips.

If you are wanting a fantastic way to organize ALL your photos and videos as well as get them printed out in an amazingly high quality book. Go visit and . It will change your life.

Or, at least the photo part of your life.


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