Friday, October 12, 2012

A Struggle

I can't seem to write on a regular basis. I could make plenty of excuses, but the main reason for my lack of writing is laziness. Which is ok. When you have two kids under the age of three, one being potty trained and in preschool (homeschool style) and the other that is just so darn cute all I do is want to make him giggle all day, then by the time they are both asleep I just want to do nothing. I take that back I do watch my shows (project runway ya!).

I'll admit this as well, I started playing some warrior game with my husband on our ipads to have some bonding time, I passed him in levels because I'm awesome so now I have to wait for him to catch up ;).

My son is asleep and my daughter is painting with watercolors. Better yet, painting herself with water colors. She is beautiful.

I would include some photos but stuff is not working at the moment.

Too bad for you.

I'm at a creative block with my scrapbooking (for the past 3 years). Nope, that is a lie also. I have plenty of inspiration from other blogs. My desk is just a mess.

It is kinda raining out. What's kinda raining you ask? It is cloudy and rained last night, only when I step outside does it start to rain again and hit me in the face.

I guess I'll be drying my diapers under the porch covering thing today.

My daughters hands are now black because she has so much water color on them :)

Bath time. Nope I'll just give her more paper to hopefully paint on.

This was fun.

I would love to hear what you have been up to. Has any rain been hitting you in the face?

I'll write again soon.



Chrissy said...

You are not alone!;) I have SO many things I would love to accomplish, but the babies always take precedence. As they should;) And I'm definitely more happy when I let go of the other stuff and just enjoy the time with my sweet boys!:) Are you using any special structure for Charli's home-preschooling? I'd love to hear more about that! Maybe a future post??;);) So great to hear a little update on your family! Can't believe your babies are growing so fast!

PurelyHappy said...

Enjoy the time while you can Chrissy! As you know they grow so stinking fast! Great idea for a future post on the preschool stuff. Ill get that in the works and post it this week. Its some great stuff!